Ultimate Hands Hockey X-CELERATOR PRO - Buy Now

Ultimate Hands Hockey X-CELERATOR PRO - Buy Now

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The Ultimate Hands Hockey X-CELERATOR PRO encompasses the intricate details that are necessary to develop the proper mechanics while developing speed, strength, and stamina in your skills. Ultimate Hands also focuses on training the central nervous system to develop explosive and accurate movements for game scenarios. 

The Ultimate Hands X-CELERATOR PRO System Includes:

  • Easy to Assemble Ultimate Hands Training Device 
  • Four Different Resistant Band Levels for Shooting and Stick Handling Training
  • Rebound Bands along the Bottom for Passing Training 
  • Stick Wrap for Easy Attachment of the Resistance Bands
  • Convenient Carrying Bag for Easy Storage and Transport

The Ultimate Hands Modules breakdown the fundamental movements and sequences that will allow you maximize your training.

Check out the module here!


(Synthetic Ice Sheet Not Included)